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Trekking package mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights

Hiking Mount Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights Lombok Isndonesia
Plawangan Sembalun 2639 meter altitude of Mount Rinjani
Plawangan Sembalun 2639 meter altitude of Mount Rinjani
Hiking Mount Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights, since the first day we pick you up from the Airport to the hotel under the foot of the mountain, including the hotel before you climb in the morning, the location of the hotel is quite clean and cold, i.e. under the foot of Mount Rinjani, so climbing activity into 3 days 2 nights, the following itineraries below:
Mount Rinjani summit 3726 meters altitude
After 3 hours of grueling climbs up the screen off. I can see the entire island of Lombok. Mount Rinjani is a volcano triangular shadow on the horizon visible is the shadow of Mount Rinjani reflecting himself at sunrise a striking sharp to the end of the world. To the right of the shadow on the horizon is the Mount Agung in Bali (very small). In the middle of the crater (which measures 20 Km across) is a new mountain located in Lake Segara Anak, hmmm... admirable beauty! all the best from us and ready to serve you,... regards,.. :-)
Of course you can join with other climbers participants, the cost per person, but we will monitor the proper time to arrive in Lombok, and also on the same day arrived in Lombok, can you have the time maybe?
Itinerary package 4 days 3 nights and available climbing mount Rinjani by email to

If you want to join the participants of other climbers, we use a regular schedule of hiking package period 4 days 3 nights including one night hotel under the foot of Mount Rinjani before climbing in the morning as follow:

Day 1: Airport – Sembalun Lawang
On the shuttle from the Airport towards Sembalun Lawang village, driving approximately 2 half hours. Staying in hotel backgrounds view of Mount Rinjani, guest house and a good clean look bellow at Lembah Rinjani Hotel

Day 2: Sembalun Lawang – Plawangan sembalun Crater Rim (2639m).
Wake up at 6 am, breakfast at hotel, at 7 am start walking, approximately two hours we arrived at the post I and rest for a few minutes later on the way to post III. Arrived around 13:00 pm, was in post 3, preparatory to cook for lunch which was presented by Mr Bohari. 14:00 pm: after lunch we are dealing with a fairly high hill, about three hours of climbing we had reached the Plawangan Sembalun with 2639 meters altitude. at 16:00, or 17:00 in the afternoon has arrived in the mid-body Plawangan Sembalun Mount Rinjani with altitude 2639 meter, we are in aid of porters set up tents and prepare dinner from our guide cuisine, and the next night, or see its location Plawangan Sembalun crater 2639 meter altitude of mount Rinjani

Day 3: Plawangan sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) – Summit – Segara Anak Lake
Maybe there who want to top 3726 meter in expecting to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to enjoy breakfast banana pancakes or toast, coffee / tea, a trip to the summit of Mount Rinjani lasted about three or five hours, a field trip to the summit and weight quite dangerous, deserts, craters, and canyons that seem unfounded, will force the adrenaline racing during the 3-5 hour trip, so we recommend wearing an anti-dust spectacles and thick sweater if for beginners to the top have to walk slowly, after our reached the summit of Mount Rinjani 3.726m. Approximate hours of 6:00, you will be able to see the incredible scenery, as you can see all parts of the island of Lombok. You can even see Mount Tambora, the Great, and also some small island called Gili around the island of Lombok, after 30 minutes at the top, a picture together or worship activities and other activities, we will return to the tent (Plawangan Sembalun), approximately 9:00 o’clock in the morning over breakfast, we continued our journey to the lake Segara Anak – trips to the lake about 3-4 hours (down). The fast climbers had to descend a rocky slope with a slope around of 35 degrees. Arrive at Lake around 12:00 hours or 03 hours of rest afternoon shore of Lake Segara Anak, Mt New look beautiful still active, while preparing lunch on a plate Bohari around the lake, a few minutes later we went to a hot water bath. Hot water bath is believed to cure all diseases, especially skin diseases, rheumatism, etc. Lunch is ready in around the lake, while enjoying the fishing activity. 16:00 pm, you can enjoy the sunset and the beauty of its surroundings, enjoying the activities at night, make a campfire, enjoying the stars, singing and other activities, which are available for dinner and overnight in tents lake Segara Anak.

Day 4: Lake Segara Anak – Senaru Village – Senggigi or Mataram city areas
8:00 am: After breakfast, we continue the journey to Pelawangan Senaru. 12:00 noon: lunch, arrive in the village Senaru, and rest, arrived in the village of Senaru where we provide vehicles were waiting. And the next trip to Senggigi or Mataram areas

The above package prices in rupiah on pay per person:

Price: By email to
We will include invoices as deposit payment

The above package price includes:
- One night at Lembah Rinjani Hotel
- Guide
- Porter
- Tents
- Each get a sleeping bag
- Each get a mattress
- Cooking equipment
- Trekking activity 3 days 2 nights
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb on Mount Rinjani
- Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, chickens meat, rice and spices
- Snacks such as biscuits
- Beverages (mineral water, tea, sugar, bread, jam)
- 2 x transportation (Airport – Sembalun, Senaru – Senggigi)
- Entrance fee National Park Mount Rinjani
- Permit Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC)

What you should bring:
· Camera
· Light Jacket
· Sunscreen
· Sun glasses
· Toilet paper wet and dry
· Personal medicine
· Small amount of money
· Flashlight
· Personal hygiene items (e.g. tampons, etc)
· Light fleece / sweater
· Towel (for the 2nd day)
· Spare T-shirt
· Warm hat (for evening, morning and summit)
· Tiger Balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
· Swimming wears (if you intend to swim on the lake)
· Long pants and shorts
· Gloves

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty the date of your climb to come to Lombok from this early start, after we receive confirmation of name hotel in Lombok, also include the full name to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani and also confirmed your mobile number, you can confirmation again in a week before you come to Lombok via this email;

Lake Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani
Lake Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Sembalun 2639 meter altitude of Mount Rinjani
Plawangan Sembalun 2639 meter altitude of Mount Rinjani
Not comfortable, if you're a backpacker walks alone toward Sembalun or to Senaru starting point for climbing the mountain Rinjani, you will be taken by someone not knowing the good ethics around Sembalun or Senaru villages, the impact of noise bad behavior by people around you, resulting in confusion and of course you will learn losses can not be expected

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