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Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Hiking and Trekking of mount Rinjani Lombok island Indonesia

Offering specializes personal guide adventures all activities involving information package Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Champing and Cooking Mount Rinjani in Lombok Indonesia, visit more detail at Sports outdoor Rinjani mountaineering adventures and ecotourism Lombok island Indonesia

Hi there,... come and joint with me to the summit 3726 meter! Our beginning of adventure in the nature Free also likes climbing mountain Rinjani, and Seeing the many years of experience in studying nature, we start a business tour with the natural free-style backpacking. We provide services building trip to the backpacker and friends who want to study in Nature backpacking free to roam National Park Rinjani volcano, islands that are also exotic expedition do with us. to join in the event our trip, we hope there is the added value of activities not forgotten adventure in the outdoors, do not linger to contact us. Our service is very different with the Trekkers agents in Indonesia and surrounding areas, the main service, we have been providing healthy food necessarily have the power with the perfect body. We are Specializes & Personal Guide Adventure all activities involving program Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Champing and Cooking offering tours of volcanoes around Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia.

Hello all friends from Indonesia and all the worlds, We are hiking and trekking specialist activities and cooking, We have long experience working in the company's travel agent since 1983 as a laborer (Porters) from the trusted Mr. I Nengah Sakewathy as Chairman of Travel Agents Tour in Lombok in the first year since the stand In 1970 the Sasak Lombok Tour & Travel and the adventure we climb of Mount Rinjani, now I can do Supplies of cooking, guiding English and Indonesia for the climber of Mount Rinjani, my industrious work and ready to guide you in the way of Mount Rinjani from 1-day package directly to go summit and down again from Sembalun Lawang package for 2 days, 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days and 4 nights until 1 week package, please select the bottom or on request, point climb Mount Rinjani is not so easy to do, we have three point to start climbing the point of Sembalun to Senaru (from East to West), from Senaru to Sembalun (from West to East) and from Torean to Senaru (from North to West), many trail winding path toward the first post has been lost, many grass grass-is the impression given, but now it is again the grass-growing grass that stretches high into the often occur without loss of direction in the pathfinder by the people around Mount, in the mountains friends (friends) I was much, there is humor, and are there are also not fluent in Indonesian in their local language commonly use language that is Sasak

Trekker Guide: so,.. We want to delve more tolerance observation when you help each other understand with my porters climbing Mount or carry of goods as your 25 kg including canoe or other heavy equipment? We can still fit, they (climber), in general, photographers, film Adventures, or overseas Adventures domestic travel agents, students, student-student and the other businessman, views or expression they are very impressed and rich natural beauty of the panorama of Mount Rinjani best travel in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani travel I do have a normal life since the age of 9 years still, if you want to walk slowly with a full sport to see view of the surrounding natural step then you reach the right time in the first post for a rest and there are sources of the water, I prefer to drink the water source at mount, but the fresh appeal in the mineral water that we buy in the shops, certainly cook things I normally do, you will be my satisfaction guarantee good ,.... we need stamina, and healthy food is not only instant noodles every day

Trekker Guide: The menu is my preparation Soup vegetarian and chicken, sauce and noodles fried noodles, fried rice special like (special nasi goreng), banana bread grilled cheese, chocolate, cap cay Fry, Cah Kangkung and green vegetables also not forget the fruit fresh and healthy, travel health resort that is Pelawangan in the East or West Pelawangan Post is the last to rest in tents, because the weather is cold meals ready meal menu Soup chicken or vegetarian Cah Kangkung warm and other cuisines.

Trekker Guide: We will find you from Lombok international airport was driving reached approximately 2 ½ hours, you will find a beautiful village and with a natural blend of cool and beautiful and then we started walking to the post a second or third post to break and lunch food that has been prepared by our guides, the most amazing scenery is Plawangan Sembalun with an altitude of 1850 metres! a truly amazingly beautiful landscape sight Lake Segara Anak, you can take a photo and stood in the side of a cliff that looks "Mount Baru Jari" from the back mount Rinjani. When you are traveling from the West or the Senggigi, you will find the village of Senaru take 2 ½ hour drive reach and you'll find some non star hotels, we start climbing from Senaru Village, you will find the Plawangan Senaru look more beautiful we might expect of Plawangan Sembalun. Our Period best travel climbing Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights or 5 days 4 nights, if you want to cross or circumnavigate disudut Rinjani mountain top, you have to stay in East Pelawangan, there is a time when rising summit Mount Rinjani 3,726 meters at the ering additional cost or optional to go Summit, we awake hours from 03.00 am Pelawangan East or from the Lake Segara Anak travel to go summit to 06.00 hours in the morning while viewing the sunrise (sunrise) so beautiful, to see the crater of Mount New and natural surrounding, for 15 minutes or more we are in the highest peak and do not forget to bring a camera or other memorials, we will fall back to the Pelawangan until 08:00 am, for 30 minutes to fix the tents and kitchenware other, and then we came down again with the slow and careful many gravel ranged only 500 meters, along the way to the lake Segara Anak reached approximately one hour, you can rest in tents while coastal Lake to see New mountain and the surrounding nature, because the weather is cold you can bathe in hot water so that our bones strong and long life, according to this version by the people in the Mount, generally by people who never meditation and also by people do the ceremony "Pekelem" by the people in the Hindu held once a year in the surrounding

Trekker Guide: For a climber of Mount Rinjani in April, May, June, July, August, September and on until early November, when the rainy season, I do not take the risk path / roads very slippery and I hope in the abort, I allow the climber of Mount Rinjani over the age of 10 years and do not allow the climber heart disease and Vertigo indication (the appeal of the earth to see if there is a chasm shudder) Please, you can choose a special price net Trekking Package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner

Trekker Guide: Price per person sharing is included: entrance fees and donations to the forest area, tents, lights, slipping bag, vegetables, fresh fruit, bread, rice, eggs, cheese, jelly, noodles, coffee, tea, mineral water, cooking utensils and kampong chicken's alive, if you exceed the transportation of goods will be at Porters ering additional cost per person, if there is demand for victory celebrations, birthdays and feast day, we can provide in Lombok, if there is demand for the group participate in the next month I will inform to save you the cost-sharing with another group

Trekker Guide: At the beginning of time climbing the most good start at 07.00 hours, when directly from your arrival airport or seaport the early hours of 09.00 am start, so that we can achieve in the Post or The First Post in the last Pelawangan for overnight and tomorrow morning we go to the lake Segara Anak, if the photos are the results of memorials in the mountains with you, I will publish on the Internet, if you book now, next week or next month I will provide food and fruits are also healthy for your preparation Sleeping bag, tents, kitchen equipment and other transportation costs ering in the 50% deposit, can you please communication through mobile phones below or through e-communication advice and information email box and click Bohari Adventure or via facsimile 0370 622321, mobile phone: +62 8123761387, office telephone: 0370 631271 contact person Mr. Satya Budi

Mount Rinjani in the forest, including forest types heterogeneous and homogeneous in certain areas. At the height of 1000 - 2000 mdpl can we find the type of vegetation such as Beringin (Ficus superb), harrows (Dysoxylum sp), Bayur, and residents of the estate planted vegetables such as cabbage, chili, onion, potato also. vegetation is the dominant Mountain pine (Casuarina junghuniana). At the height of up to 3,000 mdpl there are only a type of grass and flowers immortal (edelweiss). One ecosystem Mount Rinjani is the Segara Anak Lake, which formed in volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani as a result. Lake is located at a height of 2,800 mdpl, rich fish fauna and flora other. Property lake is often exploited by local residents by taking fish. However, one should note here is the wisdom of the local population so that local exploitation is not to cause damage to the environment. Fish in the lake there are a lot of this is a golden fish, Mujaer and Harper fish. In February 2005 a team from the climber Astacala successful spear fish fingerlings 3.5 kg. Segara Anak Lake trusted by the people around have good luck that can cure the disease, but also to get a cult object - a sacred object. Near Lake Segara Anak there is a small mountain called Mount New. Rarely can a person to the top of Mount New although according to the information already point toward there. Could be this is because the New Mount is still active and removing the gas.

Take in the glorious mountain scenery of Lombok. Stop in the hills to see the stunning scenery of Mount Rinjani (Number 2 highest mountains in Indonesia), visit the many small islands and the beautiful surrounding. Ask your tour operator using the Bohari Adventures.

Trekker Guide: we would like to introduce Mr. Satya Budi (photo at right), they are set and follow-up you at Mount Rinjani trekking activities are also set all my activities from tent, sleeping bag, sleeping matt, full board of food vegetables, fresh fruit and cooking with Rinjani mountain trekking package destination, if you can see organize this website at We always hand him (Mr. Budi Satya) as they are webmasters and web developers who have the talent fluent, when I may be with them gave me the spirit of life and of course we support both for the resistance from the food you have the stamina to trekking Mount Rinjani, Mr. Satya Budi still supports the rest of my life actually ... We'll suddenly at on the website about me, We happy and proud in this job, We have the skills have been published in the web personal about my adventure as an expert guide all activities involved in the package of Mount Rinjani in Lombok island, or Personal Guide Trekking Adventure Specialists in all program activities that involve skill climbing Mount Rinjani, We can cook for you and offer complete information, comprehensive adventure tour of the volcanoes in the vicinity of Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island, Indonesia. We must protect the environment around Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island, Indonesia.

Mr. Satya Budi: Almost all members of the community before the fans roads. There are the usual way on an issue, or even their own (solo backpacker). Among them, many of which have become members of a group of nature, although many also become enamored of roads after joining Bohari Adventures.

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